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                Welcome To Shaoxing Shaoen Machinery Co.,Ltd! Consulting Hotline: 0575-82391120


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                ? ? ? ? Shaoen Machinery is located in Binhai new town industrial zone, Shaoxing, Zhejiang, China. The company covers an area of 20000 square meters, construction area of 13700 square meters 100 employees, with 2 high-level mechanical assembly area, is a textile printing and dyeing equipment product development, manufacturing, regional sales and customer service with the world famous manufacturers of printing and dyeing equipment, to improve product quality and competitiveness. Enterprises continue to carry out product development and innovation, the investment of advanced equipment. The manufacturing of cost-effective products, supply the better service for the textile printing and dyeing industry around the world. Optimization of product quality, improve customer service is the long-term goal of Shaoen company. The company mainly produces: open width machine series, opening& vacuum suction machine without dehydration machine, opening & slitting & washing & squeezing machine without dehydration machine, and other textile dyeing and finishing equipments.
                ? ? ? ? The company carries out “6S” modern management concepts and methods. To SEIRI, SEITION, SEISO,SEIKETU, SHITSUKE, SECURITY as management standards, so that standardized production management.

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