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                Welcome To Shaoxing Shaoen Machinery Co.,Ltd! Consulting Hotline: 0575-82391120


                About Us
                Production Management
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                ? ? ? ?“6S”Production management mode of modern
                ? ? ? ? SEIRI--To distinguish any articles in the workplace according necessary and unnecessary, except that if necessary, all the others will be eliminated. Objective: to make room for space, to avoid misuse, and to create a refreshing workplace.
                ? ? ? ? SEITON——Put the left necessary items in accordance with the prescribed location, and put them in order and mark them. Objective: to clear the work place, eliminate the time of looking for the goods, the neat working environment, and eliminate the excessive backlog of goods.
                ? ? ? ? SEISO--Clean the visible and invisible places in the workplace and keep the workplace clean and bright. Objective: to stabilize quality and reduce industrial injury.
                ? ? ? ? SEIKETU—Execute the aboved 3S,and institutionalized, often keep the environment in a beautiful state. Objective: create clear scene, maintain the above 3S results.
                ? ? ? ? SHITSUKE--Each member develops good habits, follows the rules to does things, and develops a positive spirit (also known as habitual inertia). Objective: to cultivate good habits, abide by the rules of the staff, to create a team spirit.
                ? ? ? ? SECURITY--Pay attention to the safety education of members, have the concept of "safety first" at all times and prevent them from happening. Objective: to establish a safe production environment, all work should be based on the premise of safety.

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