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                Welcome To Shaoxing Shaoen Machinery Co.,Ltd! Consulting Hotline: 0575-82391120


                About Us
                Guardian Declaration
                Current location: Home > About Us > Guardian Declaration
                ? ? ? ??GUARDIAN DECLARATION
                ? ? ? ? "Shaoenis a boat in the sea, if you were a thief, Shaoenwould be a pirate ship. If you were a brave seaman, Shaoen would be a warships cross the storm and the waves! The stage of life build by yourselves. Shaoen build by you, we trust that you will not live like a thief in Shaoen...... ".
                ? ? ? ? “The daily morning reading of Guardian declaration is the company's unique corporate culture. The Shaoen family adhering to the spirit of Shaun, as a brave sailor, grow up with Shaoen.

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