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                When faced with the poor whiteness and gross effect of knitted fabric dyeing and finishing products, these 4 methods can be solved

                Date:2018-03-15Source:Shaoen Machinery
                ? ? ? ? ?Learning guide: poor whiteness, including whiteness is not pure, uneven and gross effect less than 8 ~ 10cm/30min or more, which is related to the quality of knitted fabric, such as low grade cotton content, often whiteness and gross effect is not easy to do a good job Of course, the most critical is the process formulation and the selection of additives.
                ? ? ? ? ?Solved in the process formulation:
                ? ? ? ? ?① The amount of H202 and NaOH must be sufficient.
                ? ? ? ? ?H202:After the pre-treatment, it not only acts as a bleaching pigment, but also has a decontaminating effect (including cottonseed husks). The amount of H202 is insufficient (including decomposition is too fast), whiteness cannot be guaranteed, and NaOH not only provides alkalinity required for H202 bleaching. (PH), and with the scouring agent, play the largest decontamination effect, lack of NaOH, miscellaneous to poor, the gross effect can not meet the requirements, of course, whiteness can not meet the requirements, so the amount of H202 and NaOH can be said It is the primary factor that guarantees whiteness and brilliance;
                ? ? ? ? ?② Use high quality scouring agent:
                ? ? ? ? ?The comprehensive effect of scouring agent such as cleansing, emulsifying, dispersing and infiltrating must be excellent to ensure that the impurities are removed from the net and the whiteness and gross effect are guaranteed. However, the quality of the scouring agent in the market is uneven, and we must choose products with excellent comprehensive effect. Not only the penetrating power and the solid content are measured, but the penetrating power is only one aspect considered;
                ? ? ? ? ?③ Oxygen bleach stabilizers and chelating dispersants:
                ? ? ? ? ?These two additives are mainly for the purpose of improving water quality, adsorbing and complexing metal ions such as Fe3+ in water, and preventing metal ions from catalyzing the rapid and inefficient decomposition of H202. If H202 decomposes quickly, its whiteness and gross effect will not be achieved. Requirements, at the same time will cause fabric damage or even holes, so to achieve whiteness and gross effect, oxygen bleach stabilizer to choose the best varieties, in the selection to focus on considering the decomposition rate of H202. The addition of a chelating dispersant not only chelates iron and the like, but also chelates various impurities in the dispersed water so that these impurities do not re-stain the fabric and cause whiteness and darkening, etc., so the chelating dispersant is not only To consider its chelating ability to metal ions but also to consider its dispersion;
                ? ? ? ? ?④ Process conditions: It takes a certain amount of time and temperature for the additives and impurities to react. If the conditions are not met, the pigments and impurities are not removed. The whiteness and the effect of the same effect cannot be achieved:
                ? ? ? ? ?⑤ Washing: Washing after washing is very important. It is necessary to clean the impurities that have been removed to ensure whiteness and smoothness.
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