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                Introduction to Knitting Process Principles - Warp Knitting

                Date:2018-03-21Source:Shaoen Machinery
                ? ? ? ? 1. ?The definition of warp knitted fabric
                ? ? ? ? Yarn fed from the meridian, twisted into a loop and intertwined with each other. The feature is that each yarn forms only one coil in one course, so each row is formed by looping a plurality of yarns and intertwining each other.
                ? ? ? ? 2. Warp knitwear properties
                ? ? ? ? The warp knit fabric has a structurally stable back loop structure, which is different from the weft knitted elasticity, stretching, shrinkage, and rich changes.
                ? ? ? ? The warp knit fabric has a certain degree of extensibility and stretchability, although it has a lower value than the weft knit fabric. Factors influencing the tensile properties of fabrics are: fabric structures (eg, single- and double-fabric warp knit fabrics, Raschel warp knit fabrics); the tightness of fabrics (the tighter the fabric, the lower its tensile properties); Finishing process (can give the fabric a good dimensional stability); machine number (that is, the number of needles per unit width); type of yarn (such as elastic core-spun yarns, small elastic or poor fancy lines, better Dimensionally stable single yarn or strand).
                ? ? ? ? Methods for increasing the strength of warp knitted fabrics include the use of high-strength fiber yarns, the use of yarns having a balanced structure, and the use of higher machine numbers and fine high-strength yarns. In addition, the use of strands that are combined by different fiber yarns, changing the pitch of the stitches, etc., can affect the strength of the fabric.
                ? ? ? ? 3. Warp knitting classification
                ? ? ? ? Mainly: warp knitting machine (single needle bed warp knitting machine, double needle bed warp knitting machine), stitching machine, lace machine
                ? ? ? ? l Warp knitting machine
                ? ? ? ? working principle
                ? ? ? ? The warp knitting machine is mainly composed of a weaving mechanism, a comb ramming mechanism, a let-off mechanism, a pulling and winding mechanism and a transmission mechanism.
                ? ? ? ? ①The knitting mechanism includes a needle bed, a comb bar, a sinker bed, and a pressure plate, which are generally driven by a cam or an eccentric link. Cams are often used in warp knitting machines where the speed is slow and the movement of the knitting machine is complicated. Due to the smooth transmission, the eccentric linkage is easier to process and has less wear and noise during high-speed operation, so it is widely used in high-speed warp knitting machines.
                ? ? ? ? ②The combing and traversing mechanism moves the combs in a knitting process according to the requirements of the knitted fabric organization, and the warp yarns are placed on the needles so as to weave a knitted fabric with a certain tissue structure. There are usually two kinds of flower plate and cam type. Flower plate mechanism through a certain shape and size of the flower board in accordance with the requirements of knitted fabrics in series to form a flower plate chain, so that the comb bar traverse, suitable for weaving pattern more complex organization, flower pattern change more convenient. In the cam-type mechanism, the cam is designed according to the law of the combing and weaving of the knitted fabric. The transmission is relatively stable and can be adapted to a higher knitting speed.
                ? ? ? ? ③The warp-delivery agency withdrew warp yarns from the warp beam and sent them to the weaving area. There are two types of negative and positive. In the passive type mechanism, the warp yarn is pulled by the warp tension to pull out the warp yarn. It does not need a special warp beam transmission device. It is suitable for the warp knitting machine with a low speed and a warp warping rule. The active let-off organization adopts a special transmission device to make the warp yarns to be sent back through the warp beam. There are also tension sensor type and line speed sensor type. The tension-sensing mechanism controls the warping speed of the warp beam by the tension bar sensing warp tension. The linear velocity sensing mechanism controls the rotational speed of the warp beam by sensing the speed of the warp yarn by the speed measuring device. Such institutions deliver warp yarns at predetermined linear speeds and can work stably at high speeds, and are therefore widely used on high-speed warp knitting machines.
                ? ? ? ? ④The pulling and take-up mechanism functions to pull the fabric from the knitting area at a predetermined speed and wind it into a roll.
                ? ? ? ? Equipment construction
                ? ? ? ? The main knitting machines for warp knitting machines include knitting needles, guide needles, sinkers and pressure plates (for crochet machines). The needles are placed on the needle bed in an array and move together with the needle bed. The yarn guide is mounted on the slats to form a comb. The warp yarn passes through the eyelet of the yarn guide needle, moves together with the carding lap, and wraps around the needle, and the woven fabric is woven by the mutual motion of knitting needles, sinkers, and other knitting machine parts.
                ? ? ? ? l Stitching machine
                ? ? ? ? Warp way
                ? ? ? ? A warp knitting machine in which a woven or ground fabric made of a yarn layer or a fiber web is stitched into a gray fabric using a warp knitting structure. After the weft yarn is taken out from the bobbin, it is reciprocated by the weaving machine, and the cross-folded weft yarn layer is laid and input from the top of the machine. At the beginning of the stitching cycle, the pointed slotted needles are advanced from the last position, protruding from between the fixed knock-over sinkers and piercing the weft layer. The old coils of the grey fabric are held by the fixed block needles and do not advance with the knitting needles. When the notch needle is gradually passed out of the weft layer, since the movement of the needle core is slower than the needle body and the stroke length is shorter, the needle needle mouth is gradually opened, so that the old coil finally retreats to the needle bar. When the grooved needle reaches the foremost position, the yarn guide has been traversed by the needle back, and then the yarn is traversed before the needle is moved upward, and then the yarn guide needle swings downward again. When the groove needle retreats, the needle hook moves back with the new yarn, and the needle core gradually closes the needle, creating conditions for loop formation. At the same time, since the knock-off sinker obstructs the old coil, the weft yarn in the weft layer is clamped by the warp-knitting coil and fixed. Yarn layer stitching can also be woven into warp yarns. Therefore, this type of stitching machine is formed by weaving and fixing a weft or warp and weft yarn layer with a warp-knitted loop and a stretch yarn.
                ? ? ? ? Warp advantage
                ? ? ? ? When the fibrous web is used as a lining material, the economic effect is better because the fibers that do not need to be spun have more than half of the total fabric weight. The product can be finished by raising, printing, etc. to increase the color. Stitching can also use less sparse fabric as a lining, and make use of terry sinker to make the stitching yarns form upright on the cloth surface. Such as after brushing, shearing, hot light and other finishing, can get artificial fur products.
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