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                Experience with nylon dyeing

                Date:2018-03-28Source:Shaoen Machinery
                ? ? ? ? 1.Nylon cloth need to wash before the embryo is set
                ? ? ? ? ?The normal dyeing nylon-spandex fabrics need to be washed beforehand, because the spandex content is high, and the relative amount of silicone oil contained is high (the spandex containing silicone oil is generally more than 8%). If the silicone oil is not removed before the embryo is set, Then the high-temperature embryo timing, silicone oil cross-linking occurs, will be adsorbed on the nylon filament, when dyeing will seriously impede the acid material dyeing, thus forming a dyed flower.
                ? ? ? ? ?a. General use dry cleaning machine (tetrachloroethylene as an extracting agent) closed degreasing, this is a better method, silicone oil removal efficiency is high;
                ? ? ? ? ?b. Second, it will use a plane washing machine, you can adjust the number of feeding boxes and washing boxes, add degreasing agent and chelating dispersant, each cylinder needs overflow drainage, the total water consumption is controlled at 1:40-1:60 Generally, the oil removal efficiency is only 30%-40%, but it can make the distribution of the oil in the cloth more uniform and improve the dyeing. It is very important to pay attention to the selection of the degreasing agent and dispersant, and to prevent the washed silicone oil from breaking and returning. White spot
                ? ? ? ? ?c. Thirdly, it will use the Mark cylinder or JET cylinder to degrease (including some indefinite embryos, directly drop the oil and stain), the deoiling efficiency will be relatively high, but it is necessary to pay attention to the problem of the fabric, the fabric is not in advance Under the condition of shrinking, the direct dyeing cylinder degreases the fabric creases and chicken paw marks easily after dyeing. It is recommended that after washing with a flat surface, the stress should be eliminated and the cylinder should be degreasing;
                ? ? ? ? ?2.High Temperature Predicted Embryos Affect Staining
                ? ? ? ? ?Nylon fabrics, under high temperature conditions, the terminal amino groups are easily oxidized (acid material coloring groups), if the nylon high-temperature anti-yellowing protection agent is not added to the 190 degrees and 193 degrees of the embryo set, there is a great deal of follow-up dyeing Influencing, nylon high-temperature anti-yellowing agents (expensive) must be added when the embryos are set, and LANXESS (Bayer) GR 25-40g/l is usually recommended.
                ? ? ? ? ?It is worth mentioning that after the purchase of yarns, we found that after a batch of yarns is returned, one or two yarns are often colored differently from other yarns, including South Korea Hyosung, Asahi Kasei, Toray, and Dupont yarns. In the early stage of large-volume weaving, test yarns are needed to separate the yellow and white yarns and the deep and shallow yarns. Because of the slight difference in the color absorption of these yarns, when the high-temperature embryos are fixed, they will appear as a straight strip at the final dyeing.
                ? ? ? ? ?Sometimes the storage conditions of the yarn support can also cause differences in the absorption of nylon yarn, so the storage of nylon yarn is critical.
                ? ? ? ? ?3.Selection of dyes for dyeing
                ? ? ? ? ?Light colors try to use dyes with high levelness, but with slightly inferior fastness, do not use metallic mordant dyes. Otherwise, the difference in color absorption of raw materials will be amplified, resulting in serious horizontal bars;
                ? ? ? ? ?In Claraint and other large companies' acidic color cards, different levels of dyeing are assigned to each dye. The level of dyeing and its wet fastness are basically inversely proportional to the proposed dyeing temperature and pH. Everyone can Ask for color card reference, not much to say here
                ? ? ? ? ?4.Determination of dyeing process
                ? ? ? ? ?a.Corresponding to the results of the selection of materials, formulate different dyeing techniques. Explain that commonly used nylon 66 dyes with 100-105 degrees, 6 dyes with 90-95 degrees.
                ? ? ? ? ?b.pH is a key influencing factor. Carefully use the smoothing agents ammonium sulfate, acetic acid, and new extended-release acid agents. In general, light-colored ammonium sulphate is enough (if Claraint is used, see the dyeing pH they describe). Medium-dark color is recommended to add some ammonium sulfate first. When the temperature rises to 80-90 degrees, no pressure curve is drawn into HAC. Of course, if you use slow-release acid, it can be added at low temperature, and when the temperature is high, acid can be added. Gradually release, similar to the same work; everyone can do step dyeing in the chemical room, specifically analyze the influencing factors of dyeing, and draw control methods;
                ? ? ? ? ?c.When the dyestuffs due to the fastness problem have to be used when low molecular weight dyes with macromolecules have to be used, consideration should be given to the use of slow dyeing agents, such as CN of Claraint, first emptying once with CN, so that the CN seats first and then stains when dyeing Weak cation levelling agents, such as Claraint's NH, can be used with a slightly darker color to pay attention to the drainage effect and reduce the fastness;
                ? ? ? ? ?d.When bleaching or extremely fresh colors, it is recommended to cook the white powder before dyeing.
                ? ? ? ? ?5.Fastness control
                ? ? ? ? ?After dyeing, wash the water to the bottom of the water and fix it with an anionic fixing agent to press the dye between the fixing agent molecules and the cloth body. If the special dark color cannot be achieved, the anion must be fixed. After the color, plus cationic fixation, this process can be selected in the dye tank or stereotypes slot, of course, attention should be paid to prone to color stains and head and tail difference.
                ? ? ? ? ?There are many companies that have developed reactive dyes that dye nylon, and they work well. They are just too expensive.
                ? ? ? ? ?6.Yellow bag fastness in nylon bags
                ? ? ? ? ?This problem has been plagued by dyeing and finishing producers. Nylon light-colored plastic bags are prone to yellowing. Such customers have the most complaints and often have problems reimbursing them. The cost of plastic bag yellowing is relatively high, and it is easy. Lead to color change, increase the difficulty of dyeing and finishing, optional dye processing or post-treatment.
                ? ? ? ? ?Because nylon and spandex are thermoplastic chemical fiber, long-term high-temperature dye bath will reduce the elasticity, loss of tensile strength, serious specifications can not be achieved, and even full-bore foaming, scrapped. These are all to pay special attention to the production control management must be in place to prevent repeated repairs.
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