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                Welcome To Shaoxing Shaoen Machinery Co.,Ltd! Consulting Hotline: 0575-82391120


                About Us
                Service Support
                Current location: Home > Service Support
                ? ? ? ?We are committed to becoming a dedicated and professional service provider
                ? ? ? ?Thank you for your Shaoxing schauen machinery limited company of the trust and support, our company attaches great importance to product pre-sale and customer service service, to the technical skill and good attitude to provide you with the most convenient and efficient services. The service promises are as follows:
                ? ? ? ?Pre sales consultations and services
                ? ? ? ?1、If you are interested in our products or the whole project and have the intention to purchase or cooperate, we are very willing to provide you with detailed information and programs, and you can send the mail to you for consultation, so that you can have a more detailed and intuitive understanding and in-depth communication with our products and services.
                ? ? ? ?2、Our engineers can make targeted designs for you according to the specific technical requirements and resource conditions that you put forward, and create a product that belongs to your satisfaction or the whole system engineering.
                ? ? ? ?After-sale service and training
                ? ? ? ?3、After you purchase our products, we will arrange professional and technical engineers to install, debug and operate training for your products or systems engineering in time. To help your company to quickly grasp the product and system operation ability.
                ? ? ? ?Maintenance and maintenance of machine
                ? ? ? ?4、All our products from your date of purchase on the principle of warranty for one year, a customer service visit every three months (door-to-door service or telephone interviews). In the period of warranty period or abnormal equipment, our company can send professional technical engineers to maintain and maintain in time. Equipment maintenance or replacement of other services, such as equipment maintenance or replacement, should be negotiated between the two parties.
                ? ? ? ?5、The system of life-long tracking service is carried out.
                ? ? ? ?6、Our company will provide you with comprehensive cooperation and assistance to achieve the high quality and efficiency of your equipment and the whole plant, so as to create the best economic and social benefits of your company, and look forward to being your closest comprehensive strategic partner.

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